Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does this program work?

A: Manchester Summerstage is a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide opportunities in the arts for the youth of Manchester. It is run by a Board of Directors who oversee the program and make hiring decisions about the creative team.

Q: Who is on the Board of Directors?

A: Wendy Sullivan is the President, Nancy Klebart is the Treasurer, Cathy Rhuda is the Vice President, Carolyn Vendt is the Secretary, and Wendy Blackman is a Member at Large. Tyler Garofalo is the Artistic Director as well as an Ex-Officio Board Member.  

Q: What are the goals of the program?

A: The current board wants to educate students in the many facets of putting on performances. This includes teaching not only acting, singing, and dancing to those children who want to be onstage, but also training students in music, art, sound, lighting, costuming, etc. for those that are more comfortable behind the scenes, in the pit, or in the lighting booth.

Q: When will rehearsals be held?

A: Generally, rehearsals will be held between 4-8 PM on Monday through Thursday evenings. Different cast members are needed at different times. Please consult your rehearsal schedule for more specific details.

Q: Where will rehearsals be held?

A: Manchester Essex Regional High School Auditorium.

Q: When will I get a schedule?

A: Schedules will be presented at the parent informational meeting. They will also be distributed by email.


Q: What does my child bring for rehearsals?

A: On the rehearsal schedule is a list of what supplies are needed for each rehearsal. Students should always bring water, a snack if they are there for an extended period of time, pencils, and any materials related to the show.

Q: What if my child has to miss a rehearsal?

A: If your family has a conflict, that should have been noted on the audition form. If a new conflict arises, families should contact us at​.

Q: How many rehearsals can you miss?

A: Missing rehearsals for vacations, doctor’s appointments, illness, work and the like are considered excused absences. Families should make these conflicts known one week to 48 hours ahead of time. Any absence that is not relayed to the stage manager within the 48 hour limit will be considered unexcused. Students with three or more unexcused absences may lose out on front row spots or other additional opportunities.

Q: What should we do if we miss a rehearsal?

A: Please check in with someone in your cast about what you missed. It is the performer’s responsibility to find out what material was covered and to learn it. Please note that the director, choreographer, and musical director may not be available to reteach items from previous rehearsals.

Q: How much does it cost to participate in Manchester Summerstage?

A: The participation fee for Manchester Summerstage is $300, will include participation in 8 weeks of rehearsals and 4 shows, a well wisher ad for the Show Program, a show  vodeo, a show T shirt, and a 2019 Keepsake Book. Most lead costumes can be provided. A base costume will be expected from participants, (usually leggings and a t shirt).

Q: What other expenses might come up?

A: We try to keep costs minimal. Families will be expected to provide a base costume, information on this will be provided. Show t-shirts, Keepsake Books & video of the show are included in the tuition cost. 

Q: How can we help?

A: Families can participate in many ways which will be laid out at the parent informational meeting. Examples include ticket sales, costuming and make-up, set design, Fourth of July parade, concessions, flowers, etc. 

Q: How do we purchase tickets?

A: Tickets will be available starting in July. They can be purchased at rehearsals or at the door, as well as at various locations in the community during special events. 

Q: What are the cost of tickets?

A: Adult tickets are $12. Tickets for children aged 12 and younger are $8.

Q: When is the show?

A: The show will be performed the last weekend of July, with three night performances and one matinee. 

Q: What will be available at the show?

A: Concessions, flowers, and t-shirts will be for sale at the show. They will be sold at intermission and after the show.

Q: What are the expectations of the program?

A: At rehearsals, students will be expected to begin work at the time listed on the schedule. Please arrive early to include time to transition into rehearsal. Students should wear appropriate clothing and shoes for dancing and moving. No flipflops or backless sandals please. Students may not chew gum. Students should be prepared to work at rehearsal. This includes listening and following directions. If asked to prepare anything, students should have material ready. Students will leave phones at the door of rehearsal. Phones can only be used as tools at the discretion of the directors and at the end of rehearsal to arrange pick up.  

Q: Where can I find more information?

A: Please visit, our Facebook page (@manchestersummerstage), or our Instagram (@summerstageofficial). Here you’ll find contact information, more information about past performances, goals of the program, and updated schedules and deadlines.

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