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Current Production

In 2024 we will be producing "Matilda the Musical".

Cast List
Matilda Wormwood June Gambale    
Miss Agatha Trunchbull Josh Cohen    
Miss Jennifer Honey Cate Vendt    
Mr. Harry Wormwood Isaac Starr Collins    
Mrs. Wormwood Brynn Gaffney    
Michael Wormwood Trevor Laspesa    
Mrs. Phelps Mona Pasquarello    
Bruce Bogtrotter Thomas Chrzanowski    
Lavender Lee Calvert    
The Escapologist James Binieris    
The Acrobat Kate Costello    
Amanda Thripp Cedella Miller    
Nigel Parker Woulfe    
Eric Evie Lamphear    
Alice Kenzie Murray    
Hortensia Mary Evans    
Tommy Josh Dokken    
Doctor Chloe Deery    
Sergei Chloe Deery    
Rudolpho Mario Zanetti    
The Entertainer Maddy Nazzaro    
Parents/Big Kids Ensemble Priscilla Chareas, Kate Costello, Chloe Deery, Claire Hodgkins, Eliza Mazzeo, Maddy Nazzaro, Samantha Oster, Mona Pasquarello, Skylar Rothe, Clara Tardiff, Mario Zanetti    
School Children Ensemble Evelyn Bergeron, Trevor Laspesa, Eva Ollington, Adeline Reed


Rehearsals begin May 28, generally scheduled Mon-Thurs, 4-7 PM. Younger cast members are dismissed at 6 PM with leads staying later. Tech rehearsals begin in July and generally run 4 PM - 8 PM. A detailed schedule is provided at the Parent Meeting (at the first rehearsal).


Tuition for the summer is $400.

What is summer with us like? Check out a video from 2023.

Read our FAQs page and our Rehearsal Page for more information.

Rehearsal schedules will be given out at the mandatory Parent Meeting during the 1st rehearsal


Thurs. July 25, Fri. July 26, Sat. July 27, 6 PM

Matinee Sun. July 28, 2 PM

Tickets on sale at the High School

starting mid-July 

Mon - Thurs, 4 - 6 PM,

at the Post Office, 10 AM - noon the 2 Saturdays before showweek

and an hour before each performance.

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